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AED Lease

We believe that life-saving AEDs should be readily available, and affordable.  Cost should not be a factor when saving a life is a question.  LP Health Directions offers a monthly lease program that includes an FDA approved AED, with accessories, and manufacturer's recommended inspections, both on-site or by WiFi. 


Click the button below for more information.  Our pricing is simple. One low monthly cost, saving your business or organization money but providing peace of mind. 


AED Management

Far too often AEDs are sitting in a cabinet with expired AED pads, and an expired battery unable to provide a life-saving anlayzation and shock. Most states require that AEDs be inspected according to manufacturer's suggestion (Usually once a month).

Our AED management program provides monthly inspections and replacement of pads and battery before they expire. This provides peace of mind for organizations and businesses, knowing that their AED is always ready to use even if there is change in administration.

Click the button below for AED management information and pricing. 

AED Sales

Choosing to buy an AED can be difficult and may be confusing. LP Health Directions offers all FDA approved AEDs at a competitive price with expert advice.  We can help direct you to a device, put together a package for your business or organization with accessories that fit your budget and needs, all at a competitive price.


Great pricing and expert advice is what we offer to increase safety in the public.  For more information, click the button below for a summary of the benefits of the different models in an uncomplicated way.     

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