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“Is it true that we don’t give mouth to mouth anymore?”

This is the most common question presented to our trainers. The answer is not that simple, however. “Hands Only CPR” as an alternative to providing CPR with rescue breathing (mouth to mouth) is as effective as CPR with rescue breathing for only a few minutes. LP Health Directions follows guidelines approved by the American Heart Association, The American Red Cross, and The American Safety and Health Institute, which include teaching skills for both CPR with rescue breathing and hands only CPR. Our training classes provide the skills to determine which is appropriate at the time of an emergency, increasing confidence in our students to act in an event of an emergency.

Another common question, “So why are trainers teaching ‘Hands only CPR?”

“Hands only CPR” is easy to teach, easy to perform, and easy to market, increasing survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest. Continuously compressing the chest with quality compressions will allow proper blood flow to the brain supplying it with oxygen that is present in the victim. This technique is effective for only a few minutes until the paramedics arrive. CPR with rescue breathing is recommended for infants, children, victims of drowning or drug overdose, or people who collapse due to breathing problems.

Learn the skills needed to confidently perform in an emergency, contact us to schedule a training class for you or your organization.

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